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Our Mission: Trade Marketing that Actually Works

Most companies give the responsibility for 'trade marketing' to their most junior team members. This simple fact has permitted the sellers of sponsorships, premiums, incentives and even b2b advertising to get away with murder. A sponsorship fee that gets you a banner on the wall, a thank you from the stage and a t-shirt in the goodie bag is worse than worthless. It borders on being criminal.

GrownUpMarketing believes that marketing to your most important audience, your customers in the 'trade' requires knowledge, sophistication and taste.

• Knowledge of not just what your customers and prospects do, but who they really are and what drives them.

• Sophistication to see the subtle and nuanced ways of gaining and keeping attention, changing perceptions and building preference.

• The good taste to know how to execute programs in ways that seem guileless and unforced.

Trade Marketing is not just for B2B customers and prospects. In some instances selling the sales team is the single biggest hurdle. Often selling top management is required as well. In all these cases, and more, the processes are similar.