Jerry Shereshewsky

Jerry Shereshewsky

Tuesday, 08 February 2011 02:09

Horses and Gods


Once again Epictetus has been proven right; if horses had gods they would look like horses. I watched the Super Bowl yesterday...who didn't! It was, for a change, a great game. But the commercials....especially the Chrysler 200 spot with Eminem.

Friday, 04 February 2011 15:37

Making the

First came the flag. Don’t Tread On Me. Hoist the Red Banner. A simple slogan, visible, to excite and incite. Then came the broadsheet. Screaming headlines. Remember the Maine. All very lean forward. The lean back world of television could certainly excite but had a lot of trouble inciting. I guess getting off the sofa and into the streets required more inertia busting than was possible. Action became, for the most part, passivity. We saw hints of change in the Philippines where simple jokes passed by SMS so undermined the credibility of the regime that it simply collapsed. And now the internet.

Saturday, 16 October 2010 18:11

Don Draper vs Martin Sorrell

There is a tendency to view the past through rose colored glasses. Pain is gradually forgotten and pleasant memories soon outweigh everything else. Thus, the ‘good old days’ really become, at least in our minds, good. But were the ‘good old days’ of the advertising business really good?

Thursday, 07 October 2010 18:08

Is Anyone Listening?

I have been speaking at conferences since about 1995. In the beginning of my tenure as a panelist, speaker and keynoter I felt as if I was talking to myself. These were the heady days of the early internet and most of the people attending the conferences were internet people. We were, in fact, talking to ourselves. Loudly and with passion. But we were not convincing anyone (but ourselves), we weren’t selling to anyone (but ourselves) and we really weren’t listening to anyone (but ourselves and our most direct competitors).

Monday, 04 October 2010 18:04


I am driving from Denver to New York with my wife and daughter. We are equipped with an iPhone (3 actually), my netbook, my daughter’s laptop and an iPod. Because we don’t know how far we can drive in a day, we have not booked hotel rooms along the way. We decided we would rely on various internet options that provide us with mileage from and to, with specific directions and information on local restaurants (Yelp rules) and hotels. Perfect, right? Wrong.

Friday, 01 October 2010 18:04

Ode to my iPad


I just returned from a 16 day trip to Turkey and my new iPad changed my life on the road. If you travel for business and/or pleasure you have to buy one immediately.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010 18:00

Radio Redux – More Adventures of a Techno-boob

Last post I was kvetching about this new NPR radio whose simple instructions baffled me. And I despaired of finding a geek friend who would give me Saturday hours to help. Hi Yo Silver, Skip & Donna’s son, Evan, came by to drop something off. Evan is a 25 year old geek. Seven minutes later the dulcet tones of the All Things Considered announcers were filling the room. I am still not sure what he did, but it works.

Saturday, 18 September 2010 14:13

Why Grown-Ups Have Difficulty With Technology

I can’t remember the first time I read a user’s manual. Certainly not with a toaster or refrigerator. Not even with my first new car. With my first (or ninth) television set? I don’t think so. I suppose it was with my first computer. Computers, as my friend Seth Godin said, are designed to make smart people feel stupid. And boy, do they ever.

Wednesday, 08 September 2010 14:12

When Will They Ever Learn?

I was in a meeting about 10 days ago when the subject of the iPad came up. That, of course, was no surprise as the introduction of an iAnything has massive sociological and economic meaning. But it was the nature of the conversation that surprised me. The people with whom I was talking were somehow convinced that the iPhenomenon was a thing of the Millennial generation.

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