What A Difference A Year Makes

GrownUpMarketing just celebrated its second anniversary and our trajectory is thrilling and our accomplishments are good enough to make a mother brag about them.

In the two years of our existence we have focused entirely on helping companies tell their stories better in the advertising and marketing worlds. Why is this important? Because, at the end of the day, companies (and people) buy from those that they really know, those that they enjoy doing business with and those that they respect. Know, Like, Respect. A simple mantra worth repeating and repeating and repeating.


So what have we done?

  • For LinkedIn we have positioned their Marketing Solutions business (i.e. advertising sales) and helped the industry recognize that LinkedIn is Where Business Happens. We have helped them get better positioned in trade shows and conferences, get excellent speaking opportunities and managed their assault on both Advertising Week and Cannes.
  • Outbrain is revolutionizing content distribution by treating it and selling it Like Advertising (Only Better). We brought them into the arena and helped them stand out.
  • Zillow needed to differentiate their audience from other, lower priced options. We helped them understand that they needed hard data to help the industry understand that, for many brands, Movers are Shakers. And we helped them take the need for research into a major study (partnering with Ipsos) and then take it on the road.
  • Ace Metrix is The New Standard in Television Analytics. We helped clarify their positioning and then brought them to Cannes to meet the agency world face to face.
  • Survey Monkey is almost ubiquitous, but most of their users don’t pay. We helped define WHY they should upgrade their memberships by explaining how their help and support capabilities will help them look good. In other words, that the Monkey’s Got Your Back.

These are just a few of the successes we have enjoyed with our clients. So as we all celebrate the Independence of our country, perhaps you might have some need for some independent thinking for your business. The GUM guys will give you real ideas and real thinking to chew on.


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