Radio Redux – More Adventures of a Techno-boob

Last post I was kvetching about this new NPR radio whose simple instructions baffled me. And I despaired of finding a geek friend who would give me Saturday hours to help. Hi Yo Silver, Skip & Donna’s son, Evan, came by to drop something off. Evan is a 25 year old geek. Seven minutes later the dulcet tones of the All Things Considered announcers were filling the room. I am still not sure what he did, but it works.

Of course I will never change the station (although there are 1200 others available) lest I do something to make it stop working. But I love it. We live at the outer edge of terrestrial radio reception from NYC, so having this on the internet in a place where there is no computer is a delight.

This is a bit like the GPS in our new car. I get angry when the voice recognition software doesn’t recognize my pronunciation. And her (because the voice is female) phrasing leaves much to be desired. Or my digital camera which has more features than I have brain cells. Which is why I love (adore) the FLIP camera. My almost brand new, highly able and feature-laden Sony is now retired. FLIP? Demb, simple and fabulous!